Why working at Cergas Murni is rewarding!!

At Cergas Murni, we believe that our employees are our most valuable assets. We believe that these outstanding individuals are steering us towards our goal of becoming the best Malaysian contractor. We also believe that our work environment should be a growing pool of talent, where we develop and build upon each other’s strengths to create and maintain our playground of ideas and help one another achieve our full potential. That is why we invest and provide continuous and comprehensive training and development for our employees. Cergas Murni fosters innovation by valuing ideas. Employees are trained to strive for excellence in their work and encouraged to develop strong team spirit and work ethics. 


Why join us?

  • We offer highly competitive remuneration and attractive benefit packages.
  • We value our employees' training and development.
  • We recognize, appreciate and reward top performers.
  • We have a pool of experienced senior professionals waiting to develop their protégé.
  • We have a fast paced environment with first class hands on experience. 


We are not hiring at the moment.

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