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CIDB Excellence Awards 2017-Special Mention Award
Anugerah Projek Terbaik - CMSB was nominated for Anugerah Projek Terbaik for their excellence work
Golden Bull Award Ceremony - CMSB was awarded the Golden Bull Trophy for their hard-earned success
The wait is finally over : Klang 3rd Bridge is ready

Starmetro, 15th April 2017

Tender Award Ceremony - "CMSB was awarded with Package CB1 for Sungai Besi - Ulu Kelang Expressway"
"Klang's third bridge to be ready by year end" by STAR Wed 8 Jun 2016
"New link for royal town" by STAR Wed 8 June 2016
"2ND Penang Bridge Ready by February" news article
"Jambatan Ke-2 P.Pinang dibuka Februari ini" news article
"Final Load Test on Second Penang Bridge" News Article
Jambatan Kedua P.Pinang Ujian Beben Selesai, by KOSMO 12 Dec 2013
Minister Visitor to Jambatan Bukit Kuang, Siap Ogos by Sinar Harian, 27 Jan 2014